Care & Use

Our mission here at ChefVentions is to provide home cooks with quality and innovative kitchenware our customers have grown to love over the years.

We take pride in our kitchenware and want to ensure that you can too. Here are some tips and tricks to help preserve the life of your ChefVentions kitchenware products. 


Aluminum Cookware:

  • We offer a variety of different aluminum cookware ranging from Pressed, Forged, and Cast Aluminum
  • Most of our cookware is oven safe up to 300* F (not including the glass lids) 
  • Dishwasher Safe, however, Hand Washing your cookware helps preserve the life of the non-stick coating. 
  • We recommend using only nylon or silicon utensil heads to preserve the life of the non-stick coating. Avoid using metal utensils to prevent scratching or flaking. 

Cast Iron:

  • We offer both fully enameled and non-enameled cast iron dishes
  • Cast Iron is oven safe up to 500* F 
  • We recommend you hand wash your cast iron dishes with non-abrasive cleaners and tools to prevent unwanted damage
  • Thoroughly hand dry your cast iron to avoid rust
  • We recommend that you season your non-enameled cast iron often to properly coat your dish. After washing and properly drying your dish, you can use coconut oil or vegetable oil to spread a thin layer across the whole dish. Bake the dish on the middle rack at 375* F for 1 hour, then let it cool in the oven. 
  • Rust can occur when the cookware is exposed to moisture for long periods of time. Thoroughly hand drying your cast iron with a dry cloth will help reduce any moisture, but it's also important to store your cast iron in a dry environment, away from moisture prone environments like cabinets near the sink. Even after you thoroughly dry your cast iron, it is important season your cast iron and bake it in the oven to extract any leftover moisture. 


  • Always check your plug and rating label to ensure that you are using the proper rated voltage outlet 
  • DO NOT use attachments or parts that were not originally included in the package
  • DO NOT leave appliances unattended when not in use. Appliances should always be unplugged and stored properly when not in use 
  • DO NOT use electrical appliances near or around water. Do NO submerse electrical appliances in water as it may result in electric shock, resulting in injury or possibly death
  • If you are experiencing any issues with your appliance's electrical components, DO NOT attempt to repair it yourself. Reach out to us at about a possible replacement. 


  • Most our our stoneware and ceramic dishes are oven safe up to 450* F when filled with contents
  • DO NOT dry bake your dishes (empty dishes) as this may cause cracking that can result in your dish breaking